Tap ‘n Cap

I’m a cat person, myself. I’ve had a few dogs over the years, and I think they’re nice enough, but I still prefer cats. As such, the frequent pictures and videos of cats you find on the internet are great, and it’s probably no surprise that I visit a few lolcat sites when I’ve got a few spare minutes.

The one thing I’ve always wondered is how they make those lolcat pictures. I mean, I assume they use MS Paint or something, open a picture and add in text, but it seems like more effort than it’s worth, just to put humorous captions on pictures of cats. I’d have to take a picture of my cat, transfer it to my computer, open MS Paint, and type something witty.

… OK, so that’s not so difficult, but I’m a busy man! I’ve got things to do and little time at home to make my lolcats. That’s where Tap ‘n Cap comes in, putting all your lolcat-related work into one easy package. Or, of course, your non-lolcat picture captioning work, too.

The program itself allows you to either take a picture from within the app itself, using your iPhone’s camera or select a picture from your photo gallery (making it useful on your iPad, too) and adding text before saving it or emailing it to friends. Easy as 1-2-3.

That’s really all there is to it. It’s one of the most simple, straightforward apps I’ve used in a long time. It’s very intuitive; once you’ve selected your picture to edit, tap the “Caption” button to ad a text box and type it in using the standard keyboard. Once you’ve got your text, touch it to change the font (select from one of 2o fonts) or use two fingers to move, re-size and rotate the text. Once you’ve finished with your masterpiece, just press “Finished” to save or mail it.

I’m also impressed with how well the fonts take to scaling. I didn’t notice any pixellation on my iPhone 4 until the text was about double in size, and future updates promising high resolution fonts should mean that you can get them even larger soon.

With this simplicity comes a few small problems, however; once you’ve saved a photo, you can no longer edit it. That’s not a huge deal, especially for something as simple as adding captions, but it beats starting over. Naturally, it doesn’t overwrite the original photo, although if using a photo taken in-app you have to specify in the settings that you want to save the original. As such, you’re in no danger of losing the original, but if you misspell something (unintentionally – we ARE talking lolcats, after all) you have to go back and re-create it.

The other issues are all minor features it would be nice to have that aren’t currently present. These are things like being able to rotate the picture, scale or crop the picture, uploading the images to photo services or social networking sites and the like. Fortunately, all of these things are minor and do not detract at all from the core functionality. Better yet, all of these things are promised additions in future updates!

As such, this app does everything it promises, it does it well and it’ll do more in the future. If you need to get your lolcatting done, I can’t think of a better way to do it.