One of my favorite types of games are those that I can start up quickly and play for a few minutes just for a little distraction, and I’ve found that Tap-a-Sack is an excellent fit in this category! Not only is it extremely easy to play, but there are no menu’s or options to sift through. You just open the app and start tapping!

The basic idea of Tap-a-Sack is that you have to keep tapping the sacks on the screen to keep them in the air. It’s kind of like Hackey Sack on your iDevice, except in this game you’ll be using your fingers instead of your feet! When you get started you’ll have just one sack, but things get hectic quickly if you don’t lose it as more sacks are added to the mix.

The main gameplay screen is simple. At the bottom, you’ll find three numbers that represent the highest score you’ve achieved since you opened the app, what your current score is, and the score of your last game.

While Tap-a-Sack may seem a little too simplistic on the surface, it’s really a breath of fresh air for someone that is just looking for a simple distraction. It has a couple of nice touches as well. You’ll see fireworks in the background as you make it further into the game, and you can send your high scores directly to Facebook!

To sum it all up, if what you’re looking for is a complex game that will make you think you should look elsewhere. If; however, you’re looking for a game that you can just pick up for a few minutes, or that can be played by people of all ages, you may want to check out Tap-a-Sack. If you’re still not sure then what are you waiting for? Check out the free version of Tap-a-Sack today and try it out!