Many people immediately write off apps if they have a price tag over about $10-15, but few apps claim to do as much as StudioTrack for iPad! StudioTrack will not only allow you to record audio your iPad, but it will allow to mix it with various other tracks and add effects as well!

When you open up the app you’ll be taken to a screen where you can select a file you’ve been working on previously, or create a new file altogether. In the bottom right corner of the screen are buttons you can use to duplicate your currently selected file, create a new file or delete a file.

Once you select a project to start working on you’ll be taken to the main mixing screen. You start out with one channel, but more can be added easily by touching the “+ Track” button. Each channel has a volume sliderr, gain knob, a balance knob and a reverb knob. You can also add effects to any channel by touching the “FX” button above all of the knobs and sliders.

If you’re familiar with how recording software works then you’ll be right at home with this app! To start recorder all you have to do is touch the “Rec Arm” button to arm the   you want to record on. You can mute other tracks as well if you don’t want to hear them while you’re recording.

Something to make note of is that the quality of recording with this app is decent when using the built-in mic on the iPad, but if you want to make serious recordings you’ll definitely want to find a way to get a more high-quality mic plugged in to it.

With that said, I myself was very surprised at just how good the recordings were with the built-in mic and this app! That combined with the ability to add effects and record and combine up to 8 separate tracks make this app an incredible experience for musicians of any level. The $39.99 may seem a little pricey, but you’re not going to find anything as useful as this app for anywhere near that price range. So what are you waiting for? Head to the App Store and download your copy today!