While my favorite types of apps are typically useful ones, every once in a while it’s nice to download an app and just have fun with it. If you enjoy humor and playing with photos, then SixApp may be the app you’re looking for! The basic idea is that it allows you to add a layer over photos that makes it look like people have a six-pack that really don’t in reality.

The load time for this app was very good for a photo editing app. When you open it up you’re greeted by a start-up splash screen. When you’re ready to get started just touch the “Start” button in the lower right corner of the screen.

The first screen of the app allows you to select a photo by either taking a new one, using one in your photo album or using one out of your saved images. Once you select a photo you’ll need to select the type of “abs” that you’ll be overlaid on the image. There are three different types for both male and female abs: “Just a bit,” “RIPPED!,” and “Absurd!”.

Once you select a photo and a type you’ll be taken to the “Adjust” screen. From here you can grab and stretch the “abs” to make them fit your photo. Once you get the abs placed exactly where you want them you can also turn on the “erase” feature by touching the switch in the lower right corner. This will make it so that you can erase little sections that don’t look quite right.

After trying out all the different types of abs, the easiest for me to get to look right were the “Just a bit” abs. It’s also important to note that your results will be very poor if your picture does not have adequate lighting. If the lighting is too bright then the abs will look funny, and if you don’t get enough light then you really won’t see much difference.

The last step when you’re finished is sharing the finished product with your friends! The “Save/Share” screen in SixApp offers three links that will let you share your creation through Facebook, your email, or by saving it to your photos folder on your device!