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  • Discord - Chat for Gamers logo

    Discord is a social communication app made for gamers, friends, and users who want to find people with similar interests. The app was created by Discord Inc. It is available on the Android platform. The app is popular around the...

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  • YouTube Kids logo

    YouTube Kids


    YouTube Kids is the optimized YouTube version for children. It was released in February 2015 by YouTube, which is Google’s subsidiary. Today, it is available in three languages only: English, Cantonese, and Spanish. Although YouTube Kids operates worldwide, the vast...

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  • Find My iPhone logo

    Find My iPhone


    Find My iPhone is a helpful app that offers you to find your iOS device in no time. It was created by Apple and is free of charge for all users. The app helps you not only locate your phone...

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  • Fortnite logo



    Fortnite is a Battle Royale game with billions of players around the world. The game was created by Epic Games, and considered to be one of the most popular survivals on the market. It is free of charge and available...

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  • Hangouts logo

    Hangouts is a chatting app that connects people from around the world. It is completely free of charge and extremely intuitive. You can chat with up to 150 people at the same time. The app is available on the iOS...

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  • TikTok - Make Your Day logo

    TikTok is the social media network where users share various videos. The main distinguish of TikTok compared to other social networks is that here users create short and lip-sync video (the average video’s durability is from 3 to 15 seconds)....

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  • letgo: Buy & Sell Used Stuff logo

    Letgo is the platform that was launched in 2015 by Alec Oxenford, former CEO of OLX. Letgo’s main purpose is to create a convenient platform where users can buy and sell various things between each other. It means that each...

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  • Marco Polo - Video Chat logo

    Marco Polo is an easy to use application that combines text messaging apps, video calls, and social media. Marco Polo is only a mobile-oriented platform. It means that there are no desktop versions. The app was developed and published by...

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