New iPhone Naming

After the presentation, Apple chief editor iGuides Artur Sotnikov has shared impressions. Briefly, smartphones: a common situation for the “year’s” — Apple has released a decent flagships that are simply faster, higher and stronger than the predecessor. The question arose to the names: the prefix Max seemed to the editor-in-chief of the illogical choice — functionally completely identical to the XS, Max XS, why not look in the direction of lineup Apple to release the iPhone and two iPhone Pro?

Naming the new iPhone seems really bad. The names can be pronounced differently, yet we don’t know the transcript R and the point of replacing prefix Plus Max. But still it is a successful company to advance devices new titles more important features of the same 7-nanometer processor, to understand that will be only a small part of the buyers.

Themselves iPhone not much interested. About XR there is still intrigue: it is unclear how there can be a smartphone with Face ID, high-end processor and high autonomy but low screen resolution and a single camera, so the fate of the smartphone you want to monitor. From XS and XS is Max, the situation is different: while your Apple fans talked about increased productivity, records stereo sound and the ability to programmatically adjust the aperture in portrait mode, the average user wasn’t so much to discuss.

This year to speak of radical changes. In the 5S introduced the fingerprint scanner Touch ID, 6S offered an interesting 3D Touch technology, which senses force pressing the screen, the XS is nothing to surprise. Low resonance. Questions arose only to the names. According to sources Bloomberg, Apple has a lot of thought into the naming and made the final decision at the last moment. This choice is given the most attention: The Verge considered the title failed, Tech Radar was more strident and called the decision stupid Apple, CNET began to wonder, what will be referred to the following model: XI, 11 and so on.

In the circle of fans is also the main theme. A year ago, the title X (“X” or “ten”) has caused strong interest, but XS and XR just endure. “XS” — as the size of the clothes, “XS” is pronounced long, Apple users are accustomed to short and intuitive names. Why Max and not Plus? What all of R?

This is the case when the worst side of the smartphone is the best. Controversial naming provokes people to discuss hot devices. Without it, the iPhone XS and XS Max it would seem boring.

It is disputed decisions and flaws make Apple products kings of media space. “Bangs” iPhone X the first time it seemed vulgar and highly conspicuous. 2018 MacBook Pro 15 Intel Core i9 has been discussed and brought views Internet resources due to overheating and throtling, but because of the improved performance and new keyboard to a much lesser extent. Apple Watch Series 4 has received a massive update, but conversations about a new generation of smart-watches were much smaller. Just a smart watch the good in everything and to find fault trite to nothing.

Other ways to cause mass interest in Apple products is simply unrealistic. Top opportunities as camera in Huawei P20 Pro, in this case, not rolling, at Apple they are the default top, nothing new. But if with the device that something is wrong, attention to it guaranteed — Apple released a strange device, the world is shaken.

The company introduced smartphones, which affect the quality of the screen, which is already noted in the unboxing, Size XS Max, high performance, great camera and increased endurance. But popularity in the media generate that is strange name and the Golden color — a factor that makes the device worse, but raises many questions. And than than more criticism now, especially prominent are the quarterly reports where the iPhone again all the tear. In disputes about the names and colors it is important not which side is right, and the fact that the new iPhone say.