How to quickly find and remove duplicate or similar photos on iPhone

Large amounts of internal memory smartphones really spoiled us in terms of mobile photography. We’re not trying once to make a good shot and instead do a series of pictures, then to choose the best among them. The problem is that after the processing and publication of photos in Instagram bloopers often remain on the smartphone clutter up the gallery and take too much memory. Over time, the Photos app comes the crash — the number of shots becomes so great that the idea to review all images and delete unnecessary is appalling. For example, I now have 28 602 photos, and I can’t even imagine how much time you need to spend on it below to review all of them, compare similar choose from them the best and all the junk to remove.

Похожее изображение

Studio MacPaw few years ago suggested the Mac app Gemini, which scans your drive and helps you to find duplicate files, and now offered the same opportunity for galleries on mobile devices. Gemini in the App Store you can download for free, but continued use will have to pay. Developers are given three days to tryout (it will be enough to disassemble a relatively small library) and then have to subscribe either monthly or annual payment.

Gemini scans all the pictures stored locally in the Photos app on the iPhone, but also able to work with cloud media library to iCloud, if you want to clean synchronized on all devices photos. In my case, to analyze all the photos took about 15 minutes, iPhone X for this time unusually strongly heated up in the back, near the camera. It is obvious that the application is very demanding, and thus on the devices of past generations, the duplicate search process can take longer. The scan of the Gemini gives the two folders. One will be pictures of text, screenshots, blurry pictures, and other images that often do not present to us a long-term value. Found files can be viewed and quickly remove any part of them, or all at once. If some images cannot be deleted, either now or in future scans — you can add them to the exceptions list.

Похожее изображение

The second folder after the scan contains a “stack” of duplicate photos. This is the most interesting. The developers came up with some clever algorithm that allows to automatically select the best photos from the series. For example, if it is the people, the priority is given clear pictures with a smile and open eyes. Street snaps and landscapes are selected by other criteria. Theoretically, the user must trust the application to clean up music library iPhone similar and duplicate photos in automatic mode but I had the feeling that such a move may be ill-advised. For example, in one of the folders with the “same” photos I found and captured on the main camera, the view of Istanbul and Galata tower, a selfie in the background the city with the front camera. In this scenario, all group images are still worth a view, otherwise there is a risk of losing some important and memorable photos.

In General, for a couple of minutes to clean your library does not, however, Gemini still saves time for putting the pictures in order. First, for some groups it is enough a quick glance, to agree with what the algorithms Gemini recognized as the best, and all the rest can be quickly removed. Secondly, the application interface is easier to revise grouped similar photos if you want to reassign the best of the series and move to trash the rest.

Картинки по запросу Gemini Photos: Gallery Cleaner 4+

Algorithms Gemini is not ideal and cleaning in automatic mode it is hardly possible to rely on, but the app still allows you to save time and effort on putting your library in order. In General, at least during the three-day trial period download suggest. Most importantly — don’t forget to mention the subscription.